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Director of Marketing


Cam is our queen of marketing here at ALCO, formally known as the Director of Marketing. She started in April of 2022 and has been blowing up ALCO ever since. Cam wears quite a few hats throughout her day but some of her daily activities include social media strategy, content creation, branding, design, photography, advertizing, and basically all other marketing duties. Cam is our company surfer girl (literally the only one who actually knows how to surf at ALCO lol) and loves a day playing in the waves and soaking up the sun!

When asked what Cam’s fav hobbies were she said:

  • Beach beach beach!
  • Surfin
  • Creative things like graphic design and photography
  • Taking dank a$$ food to the DOME
  • Hangin out with frandssss and familia
  • Being outside
  • Cooking and baking


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